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If atleast only one person benefits by reading this, i am happy..

What is COVID-19 ? The 2019–20 Coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China in December 2019 and recognised as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020.As of 15 March, over 156,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in around 130 countries and territories; more than 5,800 people have died from the disease and around 75,000 have recovered.

What is our country’s position in this dark hour? India-wide Corona infections touch 100, Maharashtra has most cases 31 as of today . ( 15/3/2020).It is the duty of each and every citizen to control this disease and fear of this disease, even if it is , in a very small way.

What are the practical precautions to be taken against COVID-19?
Keep good hygiene.
Wash your hands often.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
Stay home when you are sick.
Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue.
Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
Wear a mask when you go to crowded places.

Is there any Spiritual Precautions/remedies for COVID-19?
Yes. There is a wonderful Mudra , formulated by our ancient sages, especially to save us from such dangerous diseases. It is called as PRAANA MUDRA.

Spiritual remedy 1:
What is a Mudra and how to do it?
The physical body is made up of five elements namely – Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Aakash (ether – the tiny intercellular spaces in the human body).
Imbalance of these elements disrupts the immunity system and is the root cause of all human disease(s) – both mental as well as physical.
Ancient Sages found out that - deficiency in any of these elements can be corrected, through Mudras.
When a finger representing an element is brought into contact with the thumb, that element is brought into balance. Therefore the disease caused by the imbalance is cured.  Mudras start electromagnetic currents within the body which balance various constituting elements and restore health. The joining of fingers creates an effect on the human body.
Ancient sages have designated the five fingers for these five elements viz.,
* Thumb      Fire
* Index        Air
* Middle      Aakash
* Ring         Earth
* Little        Water


AnguliMudra for immunity against illness
In this Mudra, the tips of both the little finger and the ring finger should touch the tip of the Thumb. The other two fingers, the Index finger and the middle finger would be extended outside.
Any dosha ( defects) present in the Life Line gets reduced. Also it is practiced , to remove the defects present in the Line of Mercury ,  underdeveloped Mount of Venus and Aggressive Mars .

Other Benefits:
1.   Increases immunity power, thereby reducing your chance of getting attacked by COVID-19 or for that matter, any type of diseases.Timing :- everyday do it for 15mts minimum. 45mts maximum ( 15-15-15)

2.   Helps in reducing blocks in arteries and veins.
3.   Helps in curing Mouth ulcers , acidity, stomach disorders and most problems related to the digestive system.
4.   Helps in regulating Menstrual disorders and solves most problems related to reproductive organs.
5.   Beneficial for people having Rheumatoid Arthritis.
6.   Regulates BP.
7.   Reduces skin dryness & skin irritation.
8.   Reduces the bad smell caused due to sweat and regulates it.
9.   As it improves the immunity system, doing this Mudra regularly --  prevents Cancer.
10. When done along with Apana Mudra , cures Diabetes.
11. Reduces the back pain significantly , caused due to slip(ed) disc and bulge(d)  disc.
12. Makes your mind calm, & helps you to sleep peacefully.

Spiritual remedy 2:
When devotees from Honkong sought blessings for relief from COVID-19 , our Periavaa, SriSriSri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal  has advised to chant the Sri Vaidyanadha Ashtakam, blessed by Adi Sankara.

Following is the powerful Vaidyanatha Ashtakam for our readers, in this dark hour:

Shri Vaidyanatha Ashtakam with meaning ( श्री वैद्यनाथाष्टकम् )

 Sri Vaidyanatha Ashtakam is a beautiful Hymn Composed by Sri Adi Shankara devoted to Lord Shiva, Who is known as Vaidyanatha. Lord Shiva is considered as the king among physicians (Lord Vaidyanatha) and many people pray to him for curing serious illness/disease when they or their family members are affected by it .Devotees who are desirous of getting cured of diseases should recite Shri Vaidyanatha Ashtakam thrice a day. Shri Vaidyanatha Ashtakam has been translated in english by Sh. P. R. Ramachander.

श्री वैद्यनाथाष्टकम्
Shri Vaidyanatha Ashtakam
श्रीराम सौमित्रि जटायुवॆद-
षडाननादित्य कुजार्चिताय
श्री नीलकण्ठाय दयामयाय
श्री वैद्यनाथाय नमः शिवाय
Sree rama soumithri jatayu veda,
Shadanadithya kujarchithaya,
Sree neelakandaya daya mayaya,
Sree vaidyanathaya namasivaya.
I salute that God Shiva, Who is the king among physicians,Who is worshipped by Rama and Lakshmana,Who is woshipped by Jatayu, Who is worshipped by the Vedas, Who is worshipped by Lord Subrahmanya, Who is worshipped by the Sun God, Who is worshipped by the Mars God, Who is having a blue neck, and who is the personification of mercy. 
त्रिलॊचनाय स्मरकालहन्त्रॆ
समस्त दॆवैरपि पूजिताय
श्री वैद्यनाथाय नमः शिवाय
Ganga pravahendu jada dharaya,
Trilochanaya smara kala hanthre,
Samstha devairapi poojithaya,
Sree vaidyanathaaya namasivaya.

I salute that God Shiva, Who is the king among physicians, Who wears the flow of Ganges and the moon on his head, Who has three eyes, Who had killed the God of love and death,
And who is worshipped by all devas.
भक्तप्रियाय त्रिपुरान्तकाय
पिनाकिनॆ दुष्टहराय नित्यम्
प्रत्यक्षलीलाय मनुष्यलॊकॆ
श्री वैद्यनाथाय नमः शिवाय
Bhaktha priyaya, tripuranthakaya ,
Pinakine dushta haraya nithyam,
Prathyaksha leelaya manushya loke,
Sree vaidyanathaya namasivaya.

I salute that God Shiva, Who is the king among physicians, Who is the lover of his devotees, Who has destroyed the three cities, Who holds the bow called Pinaka, Who destroys bad people daily, and who plays in the world of humans.
प्रभूतवातादि समस्त रॊग-
प्रणाशकर्त्रॆ मुनिवन्दिताय
श्री वैद्यनाथाय नमः शिवाय
Prabhootha vadadhi samastha roga,
Pranasa karthre muni vandhthithaya,
Prabhakarennd wagni vilochanaya,
Sri vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva, Who is the king among physicians, Who cures all great diseases like rheumatism and arthritis, Who is saluted by great sages,and to whom, the Sun god, Moon and God of fire are eyes. 
श्री वैद्यनाथाय नमः शिवाय
Vakchrothra nethrangiri viheena jantho,
Vakchrothra nethrangiri sukha pradaya,
Kushtadhi sarvonnatha roga hanthre,
Sri Vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva, Who is the king among physicians, Who blesses those beings who have lost their speech, hearing, sight and ability to walk, With these abilities and who provides cure for devastating diseases like leprosy. 
वॆदान्तवॆद्याय जगन्मयाय
त्रिमूर्तिरूपाय सहस्रनाम्नॆ
श्री वैद्यनाथाय नमः शिवाय
Vedantha vedhyaya jagan mayaya,
Yogiswara dhyeya Padambujaya,
Trimurthy roopaya sahasra namne,
Sri vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva, Who is the king among physicians, Who can be known through vedantha, Who is spread throughout the universe, Who has a lotus feet that is meditated upon by great sages, Who is of the form of the holy trinity and who has thousand names. 
स्वतीर्थ मृत् भस्मभृदंगभाजां
आत्म स्वरूपाय शरीरभाजां
श्री वैद्यनाथाय नमः शिवाय
Swatheertha mrudbasma brudanga bajam,
Pisacha dukha arthi bhayapahaya,
Athma swaroopaya sareera bajaam,
Sri Vaidyanaathaya namasivaya.

I salute that God Shiva, Who is the king among physicians , Who removes all sufferings Caused by bad spirits, sorrows and fears by dip in his holy tank, by the holy ash in the temple, and by the mud below the Neem tree of the temple, and who is the personification of soul,Occupying human body. 
श्री नीलकण्ठाय वृषध्वजाय
सुपुत्र दारादि सुभाग्यदाय
श्री वैद्यनाथाय नमः शिवाय
Sree neelakandaya vrushaba dwajaya,
Sarakkanda basmadhya abhi shobithaya,
Suputhradarathi subagyathaya,
Sri vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,Who is the king among physicians,Who has a blue neck,Who has the the bull on his flag,Who shines by flowers, sacred ash and sandal, Who grants good children and good wife and who blesses us with all good luck. 
वालाम्बिकेश वैद्येश भवरोगहरेति च।
जपेन्नामत्रयं नित्यं महारोगनिवारणम्॥९॥
Balambikesa vaidyesa bava roga haredisa,
Japen nama thrayam nithyam maha roga nivaranam.

Those who recite this prayer thrice a day with devotion and pray the Lord Vaidyanatha, Who is with his consort Balambika, and who removes the fear of birth and death would get cured of all great diseases. 
|| इति श्री वैद्यनाथाष्टकम् ||
Iti Shri Vaidyanatha Ashtakam
Thus completes Shri Vaidyanatha Ashtakam.
Tapasyah Iyer

Thursday, 31 October 2019



Though smallest in size, the little finger has greater importance in Palmistry than any other.  The little finger represents the qualities of the planet Mercury.
If it touches the first knot of the ring finger, then it is considered to be of normal length.
If it is little below the first knot of the ring finger, it is considered to be short. (fig.1)
If it is little above , then it is considered to be a long finger, than normal. (ref fig.2)

Persons with long little finger, have the gift of gab ( talking at length, smoothly) and are proficient at making new contacts and maintaining them. Their nervous system is well developed and they possess a sharp intelligence. A long fourth finger helps a person participate in politics, trade and various types of business activities. He knows how to make friends and use it to his own advantage. He is very alert. Many successful public speakers, actors, lawyers and business men have long little fingers.
Some palmists also believe, that a long little finger, is also a sign of good lover.

fig.1 little finger -short

fig.2 little finger -long 

Persons with short mercury finger , suffer from inferiority complex. It indicates difficulty in relating with people both publicly and privately.

HEALTH:  Mercury finger has strong relation to the sex glands of both sexes.  When it is thin, he is mentally active in sex matters. If found thick, along with a over developed Mount of Venus and Aggressive mars, he would be more interested in physical aspect of sex matters.
An axial bend of the little finger , hints to problems related to reproduction organs and feet. (refer fig.3) .A slight lateral bend ( sideways) of the little finger, makes a person tactful and diplomatic.

If the first phalange of the little finger is long, he possess a strong power of expression and oratorical ability.
If the second phalange of the little finger is long,  the person has proficiency in sciences, medicine and other branches of knowledge. Such persons are gainers in practical life.
If the third phalange is long they have a highly developed sense of business sense. If this phalange is thick , it increases the libido of the person also.

fig.3 little finger bent

Wednesday, 30 October 2019



The Ring finger gives us a clue about the person’s response to the external world and its influence upon him.  A person’s desire to impress others, glamour, to exhibit himself,  for fame, his degree of enthusiasm --- all these are indicated by the ring finger. At the base of the ring finger lies the Mount of Sun and hence it represents all the qualities of Sun.

The ring finger is said to be normal in length, when it reaches up to the middle of the top phalange of Saturn’s finger.

If the ring finger is longer than normal , the amount of self-confidence in a person increases considerably. He is prone to give importance to success and fame than money. He has more enthusiasm for life. (Refer fig.1) If it is equal to the length of the middle finger, a person’s  self confidence goes beyond limits.  He loves taking risks in gambling, horse racing  and other such risky speculations.

fig.1 long ring finger
If it is shorter than the index finger, it reduces the enthusiasm. 
A short ring finger , does not allow the person to take any risks.

An abnormally short  Ring finger saps up all the enthusiasm and creativity and makes a person gloomy. (refer fig2)

fig.2 abnormally short ring finger
HEALTH:  If there is any deformity/ defects , bend (fig 3) observed in this finger , then the weak health link would be heart issues and nervous disorders. If the Apollo finger appears, weak, lean and thin then the native may have defective blood circulation and  kidney function .

fig.3 bent ring finger

When the top phalange of this finger is the longest, then the person is a lover of beauty. Mentally he is an artist, poet or writer.
When the middle phalange is the longest,  the person is likely to be interested in acting/ drama. He can gain from any trade connected with fine arts.
If the bottom phalange is long, then there is interest in decoration and imitation. He may be interested in pomp and show.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019



This finger is called the finger of balance. On one side, is the index finger which represents ego and on the other, the ring finger which denotes, self expression. Lying between them, the middle finger strikes a balance between the ego and the self expression. At the base of the middle finger lies the Mount of Saturn and hence it represents all the qualities of Saturn.

A middle finger slightly longer than the index and the ring finger is considered normal.
A person with a normally long middle finger is intelligent, sober and steady.
If it is longer than the normal, the person does not want to mix with people and tends to run away from social contact. He is a lover of solitude.
A short middle finger, indicates frivolity ( lack of respect/ seriousness) and lack of balance. It also reveals a miserly nature.
Crooked finger of Saturn indicates a slightly revengeful nature, proving oneself  “always right”  attitude, and slight mental imbalance. ( Remember  , a middle finger is the balance wheel) . Straighter it is , without any defects,  better balanced a person is. Palmist of ancient days, are of the opinion that a crook in the middle finger is a sign of illuck.  (refer fig)

Bent middle finger
HEALTH: Deformed middle finger is indicative of liver disturbances and faulty abdominal conditions. It also gives a predisposition to mental depression, taken together with other lines/marks present on the Palm. (refer fig) 


When the top phalange of this finger is long, the person is interested in philosophy.
When the middle phalange of this finger is long, he is keen in making more money.
When the third phalange is long, the native is orthodox, conventional and abides by old ideas and conventions.  When the third phalange is thick, one is less studious, whereas , if it is waisted, he is curious and has a urge for studies.

Note:  Generally the position of the middle finger setting is high. If you find it in a low setting, the person would remain depressed and disappointed.

Friday, 25 October 2019



The first or the Index finger represents the ego of a person. At the base of the index finger , lies the Mount of Jupiter and hence it carries the characteristics of Jupiter.
If it is little shorter in length than the middle finger and almost in equal length to the ring finger, it is said to be of normal length.

The normal length of the index finger, means that its possessor expects respect from others. It indicates a balanced mind, love for justice, knowledge, popularity and moderate desire for leadership.

If it is longer than the normal length, the desire for power, honor and leadership is heightened.(refer fig.2)
If it is longer than the middle finger, the person is an absolute tyrant and dictator.
If it is shorter than the normal length, (refer fig.1)  the person tends to shy away from responsibility, suffers from inferiority complex, lacks in morality , indulges in foul play and is not bothered about public opinion. Relationship with siblings  could be  strained.

                              fig.1                                                                            fig.2

Curved Jupiter finger with a bad mount of mercury is a sign of dishonesty. A short and crooked Jupiter finger (Refer Fig.3) denotes low moral behavior pattern. Otherwise , with a defective Life line , it could mean, a health set back, related to a weak Jupiter mount.

HEALTH: Any abnormal development of the Jupiter finger indicates disorders of the lungs, gall baldder or spleen.



When the top phalange of this finger is long, leadership qualities, religion and intuition are ones strong points. (refer fig.4)

When the middle phalange of this finger is long,  efficiency of a person is good. He will make money, depending upon the talent indicated by the finger tips of the first phalanges. For ex: With a pointed tip, he could make money using spiritual practices. With a conic tip, he would be interested in making money through teaching, lecturing etc., With square tip , money making quality enhanced through law practice , administration etc., With spatulate tip, one will hardly follow, a traditional or orthodox religion – but will try to find some original or a new/ different  religion.

When the third phalange of this finger is long,  the ego of the individual leads him to seek a position of authority where physical strength is needed for ex: army, police or sports. In addition to that, they are found to be pleasure loving.


Thursday, 24 October 2019



We all know the seven major types of classifications of palms by the world renowned French Palmist  DÁrpentigny in the 19th century. They are 1) Elementary palm 2) Square palm 3) Conic Palm 4) Spatulate palm 5) Psychic palm 6) Philosophical palm and 7) The Mixed palm.

There is another type of classifying the palms based upon the 4 elements of the universe ,namely Earth, Water, Air and Fire, which was done by noted British palmist, Fred Gettings. His popular method can be applied more easily to most of the palms.

Brief explanation of each type along with pictures are given below:-


Physical appearance of the palm:  Short fingers with slightly longer palm than the Earth type.  A good number of strong lines with Whorl finger prints predominant.

Psychological aspect : Physically super dynamic, these people are always on the go, needing adventure and excitement and often channelling their energy in sports. The Life and soul of a party, they are wonderful with  people spreading enthusiasm, wherever they go. Happiest in the fast lanes, they tend to burn the candles on both the ends, often pushing them to their mental and physical limits. Fire people are restless and enthusiastic and dislike round about long stories. They demand direct straight forward communication. Just as the fire shoots its flames, assertively heavenwards, fire types seek, peak experiences. Ambitious, self motivated and enterprising fire types often have powerful and visible positions in sport,  politics, the military and in corporate worlds.

Fire people are impatient with emotional types.

These people can eat anything as they have vigorous metabolism and a robust constitution. High blood pressure, inflammatory conditions fevers and stress related ailments are their weak health links. 

                                                 The Fire type  Fig 4

POSTIVE FIRE                          NEGATIVE FIRE    

Affectionate                                Aggressive
Alert                                            Bad tempered
Ambitious                                    Controlling
Creative                                       Easily bored
Decisive                                       Fights
Generous                                    Fanatical
Motivated                                    Impatient
Outspoken                                  Over commits
Quick                                          Over works
Skilled                                         Restless
Strong willed                                Violent

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