Sunday, 26 February 2017


To push you in a positive direction and not to let loose of your Life’s focus , by pin pointing the auspicious signs, as seen in your palm .

To warn you gently, of the forthcoming, not so good that ,     you are not , caught unawares.

To revive in common man, the faith in ancient subjects such as Palmistry and the like.

I try to be as accurate , honest , kind and useful as possible.

Some people, they just do not believe what Astrologers/Palmists have to say and they completely ignore. Others they become too afraid and become psychologically affected, when we tell about difficult times.

But , it is healthy to take a middle path.

Besides accurate predictions, simple and effective remedies are also offered.

Feel free to mail any queries , you may feel like to

Your privacy is sacred and deeply respected.

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