Sunday, 26 February 2017


Here i have tried to register information collected from various websites, books and my own experience.

A common thing i have found in people with Simian are , they are different in some way, from the remaining crowd, though, you may not be able to spot it during your first meeting.

First, try to identify, if the supposed line under discussion is present in the place of Heart line, Head line or in between. Because, if present in the heart line s position, it takes more of Heart lines characteristics. If in the place of Head line it takes more of Head lines characteristic.If  in between it has strong simian characteristics.


Secondly, the line itself, may be fully Simian or partially Simian. Fully, meaning, a straight line running across the palm with little or no Heart line as in fig3. In fig1 &2 they are partially simian, with the Heartline appearing to merge with the headline below it.

Not every feature mentioned below, holds good for every one having the Simian line, but it shall mostly match.

They completely adapt, to a dramatically different sorroundings.
Good mathematical ability and music ability.
At times overly emotional and at other times devoid of any sympathy.
Intense and very dedicated to a purpose.
Little suspicious.
Sensitive and easily hurt.

If present only in passive palm; Sheltered or alienated childhood
If present only in active palm; Physical desires  sometimes, go out of control; needs a partner with same drive.
If present in both palms; they feel lot of tension & internal pressure as everything is experienced in a acute way; which can give way to unreasonable outbursts and violent temper.


It is found on hands of those who had to overcome lot of hardships, a difficult start in life or troubled periods in middle life. They might have had life situations, where the emotion had become one with intellect, so that the mind and the heart had to work in unison, to overcome the tests and challenges, Life gave them.

A mark of survivor.


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