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We will go from physical make up of the palm namely - finger shapes and mount configuration and then later towards the lines , to understand this point.

We have already seen about the nature of a long fingered person. He is bound to be slow, cautious and calculative in his reaction. Usually when a person in trouble needs help, and asks you and when your reaction is not spontaneous, but , calculative , that is --- when you start thinking, whether helping this person, would be useful for yourself, in the long run, it is not really generous. Is it?

Long and thin, bony fingers accentuates this point.
Critical nails adds flavour to it.

When you observe the mounts,  if the generous mounts Venus and Sun are deficient but the Mount of Moon is over developed, (fig.1) the person tends to be self centred. { Reason:-  Mount of Moon , Mount of Saturn are referred to as ‘ cold mounts’ ;  when they are normally developed , 


they are of normal disposition.  If they are over developed, it means , it is more cool ( cold natured) ; they are less emotional , unsympathetic and become selfish by nature).

Now  coming to the lines , we know the Heart Line is the indicator of human emotions, sympathy and generosity. If this line terminates below the Mount of Saturn, which is a cold mount, devoid of emotions, the person may not be bothered about others feelings , but may be self centred. Also we know the Saturn represents stinginess and miserliness. Need you ask , if the Heart Line ends under this mount, what would be his disposition ?

Another pointer is the quadrangle.  If it is even , that is the gap between the Heart Line and the Head Line is equidistant , then the person has balanced disposition. But if the gap is narrow, because of a dip in the Heart Line towards the Head Line , then it is another pointer for selfishness, for in such case, the emotions are ruled over by the rationality of the head.

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Are you systematic and orderly or just work whenever you want to , in whims and fancies ?
Do you keep your work place neat and organised or cluttered ?

We can get some insight about our work style and how orderly and systematic we are , in our general life routine , by observing the palm.
A finger which is long is capable of thinking and planning. In general they are patient, detail seeking and worried about the small things in life. If this long finger has  a knot (fig.1a) at the second phalange , the phalange – which represents orderliness in material things , such person will be very particular, about keeping things back in their original place and maintaining their sorroundings neat and tidy.

Conic tips over this long, knotty fingers softens their nature. However, if they possess Square tips, they are strict disciplinarians and hard task masters to work with.

                    fig 1a                                                   fig 1b ( long fingers+ knots + long nails)

Long fingers with knots along with long nails also,  makes a person nit picky, making a person , quick to criticize and find others faults.

Spatulate finger tips with knotty fingers , will make them realistic and give an interest in experimental sciences which is of practical use. They would be happy to create some new things, of mass utility.  They may also have talent in Civil or Mechanical engineering.

Smooth fingers (fig. 2) without knots, work by inspiration and intuition , than by reasoning and analysis, unlike the long fingered people.  They are quick to work and naturally , you cannot expect thoroughness or neatness in their work. Their home or work place may be cluttered. 

                                                                                        fig. 2
Smooth finger , with square tips is a better combination , as-- their quickness operate with commonsense and practical ways.  
Smooth finger with conic finger tips can succeed in occupations related to interior decoration, acting,  writing romantic stories, poems etc., They could be dreamy and with the Head Line towards the Mount of Moon , it may be aggravated. 

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