Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Chirognomy is the interpretation of the physical make up of ----your Palm , the fingers, the mounts present on the front side of your palm (below the fingers), the nails, its shape and colour, flexibility of your palm and fingers.

A doctor diagnoses the disease first by observation. If the tongue is thickly coated , there is a possibility of indigestion , constipation or any other problem related to our stomach. The yellowness of the normally white eyes is an indication of Jaundice. He  checks your eye ( the bottom portion) and front side of your palm , to check for iron deficiency.


A Palmist gets an idea, of basic instincts of a person, by observing his fingers and the structure of the Palm. The basic instincts are one 's biological needs like thirst, hunger, sex and other reactions like anger, fear , jealousy etc.,
Besides, it is possible to find the general health defects of a person through proper study of Chirognomy .

For example, the colour of the palm depicts one' s level of energy and vitality. Shape and development of one' s Thumb reveals , development of one' s intelligence level , brain development and his adjusting capability with his fellow beings.

Fingers,nails and mounts( the bulge or pits below fingers) certainly throw lot of light on one' s health defects.

Abnormal development or any deformity of Index finger shows excessive pride/defident character and diseases of respiratory system, spleen and gall bladder.

Deformed Index finger

Abnormal development or a bend in Middle finger shows excessive gloom, "i am only correct" attitude, melancholy , mental imbalance and diseases of abdomen conditions particularly of Liver. They lack mental peace.

Abnormal development or deformity of Ring finger shows excessive risk taking nature and hints about the problems related to kidney. Any thinness denotes problems in filtration system.

Abnormal development or any deformity of the Little finger ,shows a person who is excessively calculative, manipulative and  gives us a hint , towards problems of the sex glands.
Excessively long first phalanges indicate psychological disorders and schizophrenic conditions of the mind. The thinness of the middle phalange denote susceptibility to consumption.
These are few things, among many physical/mental /psychological problems which can be diagnosed by proper observation of the Palm as a whole , well in advance.

If remedial measures are taken, well before, we can avoid , problems much in advance.
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