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We all know the seven major types of classifications of palms by the world renowned French Palmist  DÁrpentigny in the 19th century. They are 1) Elementary palm 2) Square palm 3) Conic Palm 4) Spatulate palm 5) Psychic palm 6) Philosophical palm and 7) The Mixed palm.

There is another type of classifying the palms based upon the 4 elements of the universe ,namely Earth, Water, Air and Fire, which was done by noted British palmist, Fred Gettings. His popular method can be applied more easily to most of the palms.

Brief explanation of each type along with pictures are given below:-

     3)   THE AIR HAND

a)    Physical appearance:-  a square palm and long fingers. The palm will contain several lines,   at least a few more than the bare essentials. And these will be clear and well defined. Looped fingerprints are predominant.

b)    Psychological aspect:- air people have lively inquisitive minds that make them eternal students, always eager to learn. Chatty and friendly, their minds constantly is alert and are quick learners. Air people need lots of variety. The media enlivens them and is a natural habitat as are schools and universities. Literature and information technology are likely fields of interest and talent. They are non committal. They love freedom and independence - and swing towards emotional detachment. Feelings are intellectualised and rationalised.  They need their space and feel trapped if they are restricted. Air types are predisposed to insomnia, stress , anxiety nervous disorders and to respiratory problems. They can be highly critical, a thought pattern that causes stiffeness of joints.  Perhaps, some pay little attention to their physical needs and forget to eat. Or, they fuss with food and busy themselves with nutritional supplements. Family gatherings are endured rather than adored.

                                           The air type  Fig.3

POSITIVE AIR:                                      NEGATIVE AIR
Analytical                                                Absent minded
Broad minded                                         Aloof
Fluent                                                      Chatter box
Informative                                              Critical
Inquisitive                                                Childish
Intelligent                                                Divided attention
Lively mind                                             Eccentric
Original                                                   Gossips
Quick                                                      Lacks feeling
Reasonable                                            Nervous
Scholarly                                                Sarcastic
Systematic                                             Over rational

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