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The first or the Index finger represents the ego of a person. At the base of the index finger , lies the Mount of Jupiter and hence it carries the characteristics of Jupiter.
If it is little shorter in length than the middle finger and almost in equal length to the ring finger, it is said to be of normal length.

The normal length of the index finger, means that its possessor expects respect from others. It indicates a balanced mind, love for justice, knowledge, popularity and moderate desire for leadership.

If it is longer than the normal length, the desire for power, honor and leadership is heightened.(refer fig.2)
If it is longer than the middle finger, the person is an absolute tyrant and dictator.
If it is shorter than the normal length, (refer fig.1)  the person tends to shy away from responsibility, suffers from inferiority complex, lacks in morality , indulges in foul play and is not bothered about public opinion. Relationship with siblings  could be  strained.

                              fig.1                                                                            fig.2

Curved Jupiter finger with a bad mount of mercury is a sign of dishonesty. A short and crooked Jupiter finger (Refer Fig.3) denotes low moral behavior pattern. Otherwise , with a defective Life line , it could mean, a health set back, related to a weak Jupiter mount.

HEALTH: Any abnormal development of the Jupiter finger indicates disorders of the lungs, gall baldder or spleen.



When the top phalange of this finger is long, leadership qualities, religion and intuition are ones strong points. (refer fig.4)

When the middle phalange of this finger is long,  efficiency of a person is good. He will make money, depending upon the talent indicated by the finger tips of the first phalanges. For ex: With a pointed tip, he could make money using spiritual practices. With a conic tip, he would be interested in making money through teaching, lecturing etc., With square tip , money making quality enhanced through law practice , administration etc., With spatulate tip, one will hardly follow, a traditional or orthodox religion – but will try to find some original or a new/ different  religion.

When the third phalange of this finger is long,  the ego of the individual leads him to seek a position of authority where physical strength is needed for ex: army, police or sports. In addition to that, they are found to be pleasure loving.


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