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We all know the seven major types of classifications of palms by the world renowned French Palmist  DÁrpentigny in the 19th century. They are 1) Elementary palm 2) Square palm 3) Conic Palm 4) Spatulate palm 5) Psychic palm 6) Philosophical palm and 7) The Mixed palm.

There is another type of classifying the palms based upon the 4 elements of the universe ,namely Earth, Water, Air and Fire, which was done by noted British palmist, Fred Gettings. His popular method can be applied more easily to most of the palms.

Brief explanation of each type along with pictures are given below:-


Physical appearance of the palm:  Short fingers with slightly longer palm than the Earth type.  A good number of strong lines with Whorl finger prints predominant.

Psychological aspect : Physically super dynamic, these people are always on the go, needing adventure and excitement and often channelling their energy in sports. The Life and soul of a party, they are wonderful with  people spreading enthusiasm, wherever they go. Happiest in the fast lanes, they tend to burn the candles on both the ends, often pushing them to their mental and physical limits. Fire people are restless and enthusiastic and dislike round about long stories. They demand direct straight forward communication. Just as the fire shoots its flames, assertively heavenwards, fire types seek, peak experiences. Ambitious, self motivated and enterprising fire types often have powerful and visible positions in sport,  politics, the military and in corporate worlds.

Fire people are impatient with emotional types.

These people can eat anything as they have vigorous metabolism and a robust constitution. High blood pressure, inflammatory conditions fevers and stress related ailments are their weak health links. 

                                                 The Fire type  Fig 4

POSTIVE FIRE                          NEGATIVE FIRE    

Affectionate                                Aggressive
Alert                                            Bad tempered
Ambitious                                    Controlling
Creative                                       Easily bored
Decisive                                       Fights
Generous                                    Fanatical
Motivated                                    Impatient
Outspoken                                  Over commits
Quick                                          Over works
Skilled                                         Restless
Strong willed                                Violent

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