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We all know the seven major types of classifications of palms by the world renowned French Palmist  DÁrpentigny in the 19th century. They are 1) Elementary palm 2) Square palm 3) Conic Palm 4) Spatulate palm 5) Psychic palm 6) Philosophical palm and 7) The Mixed palm.

There is another type of classifying the palms based upon the 4 elements of the universe ,namely Earth, Water, Air and Fire, which was done by noted British palmist, Fred Gettings. His popular method can be applied more easily to most of the palms.

Brief explanation of each type along with pictures are given below:-

             2) THE WATER HAND

a)    Physical appearance: -long, often lean and graceful. This hand characteristically has an oblong palm topped by long tapering fingers. The palm is invariably covered by many fine lines. Loop finger prints are common.

b)    Psychological aspect:-
The most sensitive and gentle type . Poetic and romantic, they are artistically and musically gifted.  Spiritual rather than religious, they are drawn towards the esoteric, mystical and metaphysical realms. Soft and moist water hands are found on feeling based people who are unlikely candidates for the pressures of academic application, although ,if their hands are firm, their mental determination increases. They show deep concern for the suffering of others. They often work in healing and service professions or in networking and public relations. Discord distresses the water type. They enjoy harmonious environments.
Susceptible to allergies, water retention , bladder weakness and to skin ailments, water types fair best eating fruits and vegetables. They love exotic food and love to share their meal with friends. 

                                            The Water type Fig.2


Adaptable                                    Broody
Caring                                          Clingy
Determined                                 Delays decisions
Flexible                                        Demanding
Friendly                                       Easily diverted
Healing                                        Excessively humble
Intuitive                                        Impractical
Maternal                                      Indecisive
Persuasive                                  Insecure
Psychic                                        Introverted
Sensitive                                     Moody
Soft                                            Takes things too personally
Tactful                                        Submissive
  Not confident

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