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Though smallest in size, the little finger has greater importance in Palmistry than any other.  The little finger represents the qualities of the planet Mercury.
If it touches the first knot of the ring finger, then it is considered to be of normal length.
If it is little below the first knot of the ring finger, it is considered to be short. (fig.1)
If it is little above , then it is considered to be a long finger, than normal. (ref fig.2)

Persons with long little finger, have the gift of gab ( talking at length, smoothly) and are proficient at making new contacts and maintaining them. Their nervous system is well developed and they possess a sharp intelligence. A long fourth finger helps a person participate in politics, trade and various types of business activities. He knows how to make friends and use it to his own advantage. He is very alert. Many successful public speakers, actors, lawyers and business men have long little fingers.
Some palmists also believe, that a long little finger, is also a sign of good lover.

fig.1 little finger -short

fig.2 little finger -long 

Persons with short mercury finger , suffer from inferiority complex. It indicates difficulty in relating with people both publicly and privately.

HEALTH:  Mercury finger has strong relation to the sex glands of both sexes.  When it is thin, he is mentally active in sex matters. If found thick, along with a over developed Mount of Venus and Aggressive mars, he would be more interested in physical aspect of sex matters.
An axial bend of the little finger , hints to problems related to reproduction organs and feet. (refer fig.3) .A slight lateral bend ( sideways) of the little finger, makes a person tactful and diplomatic.

If the first phalange of the little finger is long, he possess a strong power of expression and oratorical ability.
If the second phalange of the little finger is long,  the person has proficiency in sciences, medicine and other branches of knowledge. Such persons are gainers in practical life.
If the third phalange is long they have a highly developed sense of business sense. If this phalange is thick , it increases the libido of the person also.

fig.3 little finger bent

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The Ring finger gives us a clue about the person’s response to the external world and its influence upon him.  A person’s desire to impress others, glamour, to exhibit himself,  for fame, his degree of enthusiasm --- all these are indicated by the ring finger. At the base of the ring finger lies the Mount of Sun and hence it represents all the qualities of Sun.

The ring finger is said to be normal in length, when it reaches up to the middle of the top phalange of Saturn’s finger.

If the ring finger is longer than normal , the amount of self-confidence in a person increases considerably. He is prone to give importance to success and fame than money. He has more enthusiasm for life. (Refer fig.1) If it is equal to the length of the middle finger, a person’s  self confidence goes beyond limits.  He loves taking risks in gambling, horse racing  and other such risky speculations.

fig.1 long ring finger
If it is shorter than the index finger, it reduces the enthusiasm. 
A short ring finger , does not allow the person to take any risks.

An abnormally short  Ring finger saps up all the enthusiasm and creativity and makes a person gloomy. (refer fig2)

fig.2 abnormally short ring finger
HEALTH:  If there is any deformity/ defects , bend (fig 3) observed in this finger , then the weak health link would be heart issues and nervous disorders. If the Apollo finger appears, weak, lean and thin then the native may have defective blood circulation and  kidney function .

fig.3 bent ring finger

When the top phalange of this finger is the longest, then the person is a lover of beauty. Mentally he is an artist, poet or writer.
When the middle phalange is the longest,  the person is likely to be interested in acting/ drama. He can gain from any trade connected with fine arts.
If the bottom phalange is long, then there is interest in decoration and imitation. He may be interested in pomp and show.

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This finger is called the finger of balance. On one side, is the index finger which represents ego and on the other, the ring finger which denotes, self expression. Lying between them, the middle finger strikes a balance between the ego and the self expression. At the base of the middle finger lies the Mount of Saturn and hence it represents all the qualities of Saturn.

A middle finger slightly longer than the index and the ring finger is considered normal.
A person with a normally long middle finger is intelligent, sober and steady.
If it is longer than the normal, the person does not want to mix with people and tends to run away from social contact. He is a lover of solitude.
A short middle finger, indicates frivolity ( lack of respect/ seriousness) and lack of balance. It also reveals a miserly nature.
Crooked finger of Saturn indicates a slightly revengeful nature, proving oneself  “always right”  attitude, and slight mental imbalance. ( Remember  , a middle finger is the balance wheel) . Straighter it is , without any defects,  better balanced a person is. Palmist of ancient days, are of the opinion that a crook in the middle finger is a sign of illuck.  (refer fig)

Bent middle finger
HEALTH: Deformed middle finger is indicative of liver disturbances and faulty abdominal conditions. It also gives a predisposition to mental depression, taken together with other lines/marks present on the Palm. (refer fig) 


When the top phalange of this finger is long, the person is interested in philosophy.
When the middle phalange of this finger is long, he is keen in making more money.
When the third phalange is long, the native is orthodox, conventional and abides by old ideas and conventions.  When the third phalange is thick, one is less studious, whereas , if it is waisted, he is curious and has a urge for studies.

Note:  Generally the position of the middle finger setting is high. If you find it in a low setting, the person would remain depressed and disappointed.

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