All these Anguli Mudras has to be practiced 15 mts in the morning and evening regularly. Courtesy : Prof Dayanand verma , New Delhi. He was honoured with the YOGA RATNA award by the world conference of yoga held in 1986.



Thumb: Fire element

Index finger: Air element

When the Index finger touches the bottom portion of the thumb ( Mount below the thumb), Fire reduces the air element , thereby, reducing all VAAYU related problems in body.

What is Mudra?


1.  Decreases the excessive vata in our body.
2.  Vata related diseases like joint pain, gout, Frozen shoulders,Rheumatic pains are cured.
3.  Cures cervical spondylosis and paralysis of face.
4.  Cures excessive gas in our stomach.
5.  Cures vertigo and ear related problems. This is one of the best Mudra for Tinnitus ( Ringing ear).
6.  People who have stress, strain,  indecisiveness, lack of concentration can do this mudra to calm the soul.
7. A best Mudra for sleeplessness.
8. Stops continuous hiccups.
9. Generally Parkinsons Disease does not have a cure. But this Mudra, is greatly helpful to keep the disease       under control and prevents further detoriation.
10. For easier bowel movement.
11. Reduces palpitation of heart and breathlessness.

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