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Prologue for this article is, from the book of THE HANDS OF CHILDREN by JULIUS SPIER.  

Once more i repeat , that i do not claim for Chirology the title of an exact science, although i should like to point out , that neither medicine nor psychology are entitled to this claim. After all , medicine diagnoses internal illness from external psychological conditions and symptoms and,  as in chirology, intuition and speculation come in to play. Psychology, for instance , deals with the illness of the "soul " and bases its research on the phenomena and manifestations of the human soul, for the existence of which, there is no exact proof. Whereas medicine and psychology are universally accepted and permitted to commit errors without their usefulness and necessity being challenged, an infallibility is  demanded of the psycho-chirologist, which is never expected of the physician, psychiatrist or psychologist. The experienced chirologist does not neglect  the central problem of a case , for the sake of its characterological and psychological aspects. If, however, he happens to overlook a detail , which the critic deems essential, or worse, makes a mistake, this is often considered as sufficient evidence , to condemn chirology altogether. Modern scientific research is so specialised, that new facts and data are often unjustly dismissed or accepted because the verdict is based on an insufficient number of cases. After all ,scientific research , demands the observation and study of innumerable  cases before a fact or theory -- originally conceived by intuition --- is accepted as scientific knowledge. I frankly admit , that, I cannot offer a definite explanation of the origin of the lines of the hands; but can the anatomist explain why the heart is on the left and why the other organs are in their respective places? In the same way, as he looks upon the structure of the body as a given entity, I regard the lines of the hands. According to my own experience , I am inclined to maintain that the formation of the lines, is directly connected with the central and vegetative nervous systems. I find confirmation of this theory in the fact, that, after certain inner experiences of an emotional and effective nature, new lines often appear, whilst , others disappear.

 I hate to argue. You may win a point, but almost always... you tend to loose the person.

Recently i had a visit to hospital due to my , yet another , unbearable Migraine attack episode.

It started around 5 30 am on a Saturday morning . No amount of tablet swallowing, Acupressure, Mudra therapy, Prayers , Head Massage, Soothing music ..... none.... absolutely none, could help. The pain, kept on increasing and i begged the docs to give me a shot, so that i become unconscious. It was so unbearable.It is not that , this is new for me. From age 6 i am having this intimate relationship with my Migraine and it is not prepared to leave me. Karma...

Now, coming to the point , of why i am elaborating, about this,” every month occuring episode”, is that - something the visiting Neuro Surgeon, told me. He started , with his regular routine of questioning with :: Qualification, Where do you work, what is your hobby, interest etc., ? When he came to know that, i had left my (monotonous)Engineering job for  practicing Palmistry and Numerology, he was not very enthusiastic.  I could see it from the twitch of a nerve on his face . As i had guessed, he said , I should leave it immediately , as soon as i am discharged ( did he really think, i will ??!!, change the doc , i will ) and do something worthwhile. The reason he gave was, it was not SCIENTIFIC . My God ! I really do not know, if anything has to be accepted , why , it HAS to be Scientific? I was on the verge of asking him , if he was a believer ( coz in India most of us are) , and if Yes, i had wanted to ask him, if God was proved to him Scientifically !

I think, i am not imagining, what all Doctors say, at the end of most crucial operations, “We have done our best, Rest in the Hands of God”. So where did your Science go? One cannot and NEED NOT prove everything as it were in a test tube .

There are tens of thousands of diseases , out of which , only a few hundreds have been found a cure, if i am not wrong. Leave all that, for the past forty odd years , i have visited enough hospitals for Migraine and all they say is you can only manage it, but you cannot cure!  The only thing, that has changed, is the name - from childhood headache -  to teenage cramps - and then headache due to 

                                                                        Image result for laughing emoji code

middle age and now, it is given the name menopause headache .  

Coming back to what i was saying,  i have seen , number of my Palmistry friends, struggling to get approval, by arguing elaborately , that modern Palmistry is Scientific . My dearest friends , those who will NOT believe, will not believe, no matter what. So, do not waste your precious energy on them. If you love doing something, just do it. 

Just DO it. Don’t wait for anyone’s approval.  

But let us all sharpen our skills to the best of our abilities and give a ray of hope, for all, who come to us, in their time of pain and confusion.

Your precise prediction ~ is the answer  .
I hate to argue......

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