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  RELIEF FROM CONSISTENT COUGH I had stopped writing articles in this blog, as - whichever topic I took, I felt boring, repetitive and the same information available in some other sites and blog. I wanted something different, genuine and really useful to the readers. Today morning one such topic struck me. I thought I shall share my experience about my cough, which did not go and lived with me for almost more than 6 months. Whenever I went for a long walk or exerted myself with more work, it would aggravate. I was unable to speak continuously for more than 5mts over the phone. I tried all medicines, consulted very good doctors, did all scanning , blood tests and everything. Took the prescribed medicines , regularly without fail. Still I suffered. After continuous coughing, I used to feel very tired and exhausted. Chest used to feel heavy. Then just by chance , my family tailor told me to take betel leaves and see. I washed and took 2 betel leaves, and immediately, the cough got
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  WHEN WILL THERE BE RELIEF FROM THIS PANDEMIC CORONA, IF AT ALL? I have some familiarity with Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology and the divination method of the Tarot, by the Grace of God.   With Palmistry one can draw conclusions fairly upon individual life events and it is difficult to comment about the world events. With Astrology, I personally do not want to comment, because there are too many well versed Jaambavaans , in the fields and scholars, who are , having their research and opinions on the same matter. I do not want to add and contradict. With Numerology, I feel the data is inadequate, to draw a fine conclusion, though some may disagree. I thought with , sincere PRAYERS, i shall draw the TAROT cards. This i did in the month   of June 2020. Query: When do you see relief from CORONA ? a) after 3months    b )after 6months   c) after 1year    d) more than 1year A positive card THE LOVERS came - for after 3 months. So there is a possibility of some positive progress duri


If atleast only one person benefits by reading this, i am happy.. What is COVID-19 ? The 2019–20 Coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China in December 2019 and recognised as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020.As of 15 March, over 156,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in around 130 countries and territories; more than 5,800 people have died from the disease and around 75,000 have recovered. What is our country’s position in this dark hour? India-wide Corona infections touch 100, Maharashtra has most cases 31 as of today . ( 15/3/2020).It is the duty of each and every citizen to control this disease and fear of this disease, even if it is , in a very small way. What are the practical precautions to be taken against COVID-19? Keep good hygiene. Wash your h


THE   FOURTH OR LITTLE FINGER ( MERCURY FINGER) Though smallest in size, the little finger has greater importance in Palmistry than any other.   The little finger represents the qualities of the planet Mercury. If it touches the first knot of the ring finger, then it is considered to be of normal length. If it is little below the first knot of the ring finger, it is considered to be short. (fig.1) If it is little above , then it is considered to be a long finger, than normal. (ref fig.2) Persons with long little finger, have the gift of gab ( talking at length, smoothly) and are proficient at making new contacts and maintaining them. Their nervous system is well developed and they possess a sharp intelligence. A long fourth finger helps a person participate in politics, trade and various types of business activities. He knows how to make friends and use it to his own advantage. He is very alert. Many successful public speakers, actors, lawyers and business men have lon


THE THIRD OR RING FINGER ( APOLLO / SUN FINGER) The Ring finger gives us a clue about the person’s response to the external world and its influence upon him.   A person’s desire to impress others, glamour, to exhibit himself,   for fame, his degree of enthusiasm --- all these are indicated by the ring finger. At the base of the ring finger lies the Mount of Sun and hence it represents all the qualities of Sun. The ring finger is said to be normal in length, when it reaches up to the middle of the top phalange of Saturn’s finger. If the ring finger is longer than normal , the amount of self-confidence in a person increases considerably. He is prone to give importance to success and fame than money. He has more enthusiasm for life. (Refer fig.1) If it is equal to the length of the middle finger, a person’s   self confidence goes beyond limits.   He loves taking risks in gambling, horse racing   and other such risky speculations. fig.1 long ring finger If it is shor


THE SECOND OR MIDDLE FINGER ( SATURN FINGER) This finger is called the finger of balance . On one side, is the index finger which represents ego and on the other, the ring finger which denotes, self expression. Lying between them, the middle finger strikes a balance between the ego and the self expression. At the base of the middle finger lies the Mount of Saturn and hence it represents all the qualities of Saturn. A middle finger slightly longer than the index and the ring finger is considered normal. A person with a normally long middle finger is intelligent, sober and steady. If it is longer than the normal, the person does not want to mix with people and tends to run away from social contact. He is a lover of solitude. A short middle finger, indicates frivolity ( lack of respect/ seriousness) and lack of balance. It also reveals a miserly nature. Crooked finger of Saturn indicates a slightly revengeful nature, proving oneself   “always right”   attitude, and slig


  THE INDEX FINGER ( JUPITER FINGER) The first or the Index finger represents the ego of a person. At the base of the index finger , lies the Mount of Jupiter and hence it carries the characteristics of Jupiter. If it is little shorter in length than the middle finger and almost in equal length to the ring finger, it is said to be of normal length. The normal length of the index finger, means that its possessor expects respect from others. It indicates a balanced mind, love for justice, knowledge, popularity and moderate desire for leadership. If it is longer than the normal length, the desire for power, honor and leadership is heightened.(refer fig.2) If it is longer than the middle finger, the person is an absolute tyrant and dictator. If it is shorter than the normal length, (refer fig.1)   the person tends to shy away from responsibility, suffers from inferiority complex, lacks in morality , indulges in foul play and is not bothered about public opinion. Relati