Thursday, 10 September 2020




I have some familiarity with Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology and the divination method of the Tarot, by the Grace of God.  With Palmistry one can draw conclusions fairly upon individual life events and it is difficult to comment about the world events. With Astrology, I personally do not want to comment, because there are too many well versed Jaambavaans , in the fields and scholars, who are , having their research and opinions on the same matter. I do not want to add and contradict. With Numerology, I feel the data is inadequate, to draw a fine conclusion, though some may disagree. I thought with , sincere PRAYERS, i shall draw the TAROT cards. This i did in the month  of June 2020.

Query: When do you see relief from CORONA ?

a) after 3months   b )after 6months  c) after 1year   d) more than 1year

A positive card THE LOVERS came - for after 3 months. So there is a possibility of some positive progress during the month of September 2020, God willing. Perhaps, a new vaccine, life saving would find a break through.

THE LOVERS  is not only a good card for relationships, but a card in general for harmony and balance.

The ANGEL at the top of the card -  represent a special message that is sure to catch your attention. This is a moment of Divine intervention, so make sure you listen. Also know that something, somewhere, somehow is being done at that moment to help the present situation. The angels have taken note and are working on it. Wings of the angel, is always a sign of divine protection.

CLOUDS  below the angel  symbolises  the element of Air and therefore are associated with thought, intellect and abstract thinking. It sure denotes, lot of scientists and intellectuals , working for an effective solution.

PURPLE colour of the cloak worn by the angel  hints - Psychic insight, vision, spirituality, higher knowledge, and self-esteem.  Spiritual  things shall continue to have positive effect , even in this era of modernism. Continue your strong prayers and have faith, no matter what.

NUDITY of MAN & WOMAN : Surrender upon the feet  of God with no doubts,  in mind and pretensions. He will take care. 

If a prediction is in line, it is the Will of Divine, If it is not so, the Self has to become more pure, with more chants of His name....Om NamahShivaayah...

Now, let us hope and pray for the best....

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