Sunday, 10 September 2017


In approximately 1 person in 20, the palms are disproportionately large or small. Their palms appear oddly over size or tiny for the person’s body size.
As a rough guide, the length of the face and the length of the whole palm ( including fingers) should be about the same size. The base of the palm at the wrist, kept in line with the chin, the finger tip should  almost reach near or just above the eyebrows.
If they are well short of this distance – you may label it as a SHORT palm.
If they reach well beyond the hair line – you may call it a LONG palm.
Disproportionately small palms are fond on intense , impatient people. They tend to be a touch manic;  Ofcourse , they are good in a crisis situation , where fast reactions are necessary,  and no time for details. Encourage Yoga and relaxation techniques to such people.
Disproportionately large palms are found on people who are slow, tenacious, detail seeking and meticulous. They cant react quickly and get tense, if they are hurried. Generally found on Jewellers, picture restorers, dentists and those works, which generally require patience , detail and precision.
General rule:  Small people have small hands. Large people have large hands. The thing we are speaking here is PALMS which don’t match the body size.

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