Thursday, 14 September 2017


Wearing rings on particular fingers also carries certain meanings, relevant to that particular finger it is worn upon. Observe the digit upon which the ring is worn . Subconsciously the person would have needed an extra boost or reinforcement to the area indicated, by characteristics THAT finger , on which the ring is worn upon.
A ring on the Index finger denotes self obsession, a need for domination or sometimes an inferiority complex.
A ring on the Middle finger – need for stability and order, need for sense of values or concerned with family , money or material things .
A ring on the Ring finger – indicates success in love matters, it may also indicate that a person is more bothered with image and  opinion of others.
A ring on the Little finger—is more commonly worn by sexually curious people ; and also by people who are interested in communication e.g., writers, public speakers, politicians .
A ring on the Thumb – shows a desire for greater Will power, inner strength and energy to cope.
Sometimes you may have observed people to be wearing lots of rings in all fingers, in both hands. It indicates an insecure and troubled personality. Common during adolescent ages when they are disturbed  and on people who feel alienated in some way.....

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