Sunday, 26 February 2017


 How to do?
Keep the tips of your --- Thumb , Ring finger and your Middle finger , joined -  as shown in the figure above. Apply mild pressure while keeping like this.
Though , it can be done at any time, for maximum benefits -- it is advisable to sit in front of your favourite deity in the form of Prayer / Meditation and do.

How long?
It can be done at a stretch for 45 minutes or  in intervals of : 15mts in the morning/ evening / night.


 Thumb : Fire element;   Ring finger : Earth element;  Middle finger:  Aakash element (space)

They say, doing this Mudra, gives the combined effect of both Aakash & Prithvi Mudra. In this Mudra, shakthi of aakash and earth are more, than fire. Main benefit of consistently doing this Mudra is removal of wastes from our body organs.

Note:  Many friends and  relatives of mine , who were suffering from constipation problem, for nearly two decades, found immense relief by doing this Mudra .

Some Benefits of doing APANA MUDRA regularly are:

It  helps and regulates our Excretory organs to work more efficiently.

Extremely effective for CONSTIPATION and gas related problems.

Regular use of this Mudra cures Piles and Diabetes also.

Immense relief  --  from  urinary retention ( inability to pass urine fully) , can be felt by doing this Mudra.

For those who do not sweat, ( due to which, body heats up excessively) this Mudra can help.

Cures most problems, related to urinary bladder.

Helps in focussing your mind and improves concentration.

Increases your Patience.

Note:   Those who have vomiting and loose motion should not do this Mudra.            Pregnant ladies should not do this Mudra. However they can do it, after 8 months,
which shall  enable them ,to have-- smooth, quick and NORMAL delivery.

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