Sunday, 26 February 2017


 How to do?
Keep the tips of your --- Thumb , Ring finger and your Middle finger , joined -  as shown in the figure above. Apply mild pressure while keeping like this.
Though , it can be done at any time, for maximum benefits -- it is advisable to sit in front of your favourite deity in the form of Prayer / Meditation and do.

How long?
It can be done at a stretch for 45 minutes or  in intervals of : 15mts in the morning/ evening / night.


 Thumb : Fire element;   Ring finger : Earth element;  Middle finger:  Aakash element (space)

They say, doing this Mudra, gives the combined effect of both Aakash & Prithvi Mudra. In this Mudra, shakthi of aakash and earth are more, than fire. Main benefit of consistently doing this Mudra is removal of wastes from our body organs.

Note:  Many friends and  relatives of mine , who were suffering from constipation problem, for nearly two decades, found immense relief by doing this Mudra .

Some Benefits of doing APANA MUDRA regularly are:

It  helps and regulates our Excretory organs to work more efficiently.

Extremely effective for CONSTIPATION and gas related problems.

Regular use of this Mudra cures Piles ,Diabetes and Kidney stones also.

Immense relief  --  from  urinary retention ( inability to pass urine fully) , can be felt by doing this Mudra.

For those who do not sweat, ( due to which, body heats up excessively) this Mudra can help.

Cures most problems, related to urinary bladder.

Helps in focussing your mind and improves concentration.

Increases your Patience.

Note:   Those who have vomiting and loose motion should not do this Mudra.            Pregnant ladies should not do this Mudra. However they can do it, after 8 months,
which shall  enable them ,to have-- smooth, quick and NORMAL delivery.

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