Sunday, 26 February 2017


A remedy may ‘never’ ‘ never’ work.....If....

**** You have forgotten your "parents", in your worldly pursuits of material things and other pleasures. If they are not happy, you can NEVER be happy, try, howmuch ever you may…
**** Your near and dear ones (in-laws, sisters, brothers) are suffering and you have everything, to help them, but  you –ignore and remain  selfish.

**** You have forgotten the worship of your Kula Devatha  ( குலதெய்வம் ).

****  Ignore the daily routine of Prayers -- giving lame excuses--- that --you are so busy--- to sit for 10 minutes----but you have time, to browse through all the unnecessary things in  Google, time pass in Face book, gossip with your friend endlessly over the phone and all other stuffs--- but cannot sit calmly for 10 minutes---to freshen up your soul.

**** One cannot have control over his own tongue ( meant in both to what he eats & as to what he says...)

**** If you honestly feel, that, any one of the above said statement is valid---- rectify it immediately---NOW. ( Better late than NEVER)

***** Otherwise, you may end up burning your pocket, with “N”  number of Astrologers/ Palmists/Numerologists  ---spending money , over consultation , gems and all other things, with NIL progress.

Yes, I agree--- there ARE genuine problems, not to be denied--- but i feel 70 % of the problems will get solved automatically, by itself, if youARE good...not when ----you  or others "think" are good.

I 've seen this practically work, upon my self & number of friends/ clients---- no harm in trying out...!                         

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