Sunday, 26 February 2017


Your destiny is in your Signature !

In Tamil Language there is a saying " கையெழுத்தில் தான் தலை எழுத்தே இருக்கிறது !"
Loosely translated in English --- It means " Your destiny is in your Signature.

Kaiyezhuthu --- has two meanings --- one--- a persons Handwriting ; two ---- a persons Signature;

I feel our ancestors would have meant the second one. Without understanding that, many say---- you should have a beautiful handwriting to have a prosperous future.

I differ in this.

We should take the inner , deeper meaning---- that is ---Your Signature has your destiny coded in it.

The following points have considerable influence upon your Fate--->

 a) The alphabets ,your Signature has.
 b) The compound number it gives.
 c) The single number it gives + its compatability with your Date of Birth ; You may wonder , that " i have the most luckiest numbers 23 or say 46--- but nothing seems to work for me! " So , i stress here , the harmony is very important.
d) The last, but this also should not be ignored , Pronology--- that is --- the Signature should not have negative vibrations in it Ex: NO, WAR, SU(e), AK (ache) SK (sick).

It is better, your name also, do not have such negative vibrations. But, since you do NOT have any say over that matter--- not all parents, are well versed in Numerology or know a good Numerologist to keep names at the time of Birth, atleast, you can have a positive Signature , which has considerable influence upon your Destiny.

Also--- you may know --- "Vaitheeswaran koil " (temple) , which is very famous for its Nadi system, use your Thumb print , to take out the Centuries old ---Palm leaves , which has your entire Destiny, written. And even now, many people use their Thumb impression  (which has one's destiny engraved in it)  as their Signature.

So--- the main point , i want to emphasize by this post is , coin your Signature to a Lucky one--- which spirals your Life forward rather than, hapazhardly putting one, without realising, it is YOUR DESTINY you are engraving !

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