Sunday, 26 February 2017


There is an OLD SAYING , that you have to be truthful to a Lawyer  or a Doctor.
I add Palmists and Astrologers to that List.

When you go to a Doctor, who has studied the Proffessional Course  for nearly a decade, you describe your physical symptoms in detail and THEN ask for medication to correct the disorder you are suffering from.

Whereas , when you visit a Palmist or Astrologer, you expect, them to know, what your problems are.
The reason for this is, some palmists/astrologers spread the word about that ,they are blessed with mysterious powers which enable them to "know" what your problem is.

But the fact is, only very few tantriks or a person with Psychic ability has this power.  Here i am not talking about them. My respects to them. Their field is completely different.

When you consult a Doctor, ( Remember, he is fully qualified, but still)----you HAVE to tell him  , you are having stomach pain, continuous vomiting , loose motion etc., He asks you from when, what you had , whether you ate outside and other relevant questions. You have to give truthful answers. Otherwise, he cannot give proper medication and it will not work.

If you suffer from Diabetes , you are likely to suffer from eye problems, heart problems , get tired easily and hungry more often. This is because, various organs are interrelated. Similar is the case with the lines in the palm. If one Line is defective , it is likely to affect others too adversely.

If a person is obstinate and fiery by nature , for example , it is likely to affect not only his family(line, mounts), but his career(lines) , health(lines) and love (lines) life also. These lines would also be affected, but the root cause, would be his nature , basically.

So, to have suitable and effective Remedy, it is better, to talk honestly and frankly, about the problem you have in your mind with your Palmist/ Astrologer.
Some "wind "stories , based upon the problem you share. But, here we are talking about a Geneuine Palmist and a Astrologer, who will never do like that, but use the information you share, ONLY for your benefits.


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